How to take care of genuine leather goods

Leather is a natural material. Minor colour changes and discrepancies on its surface are not quality defects, they are a part of it’s nature and charm. 

Please follow the guidelines below to keep your leather in great shape and extend the life of your product. 

  • Be careful not to scratch or rub your product against abrasives surfaces
  • Protect your product from humidity and keep it away from direct sources of heat, such as radiators and the inside of hot car
  • If your leather gets dirty we recommend that you gently wipe it down with a soft and light-coloured cloth. Never use soap, solvent or alcohol
  • Keep leather products from getting wet. In the event that they do get wet, ensure they have plenty of time to air dry before storing
  • Keep leather products away from damp areas to prevent mildew
  • Store in a cool location with low humidity
  • Keep leather away from chemicals, solvents and paints
  • To clean: use a dry neutural colored fabric to wipe off dust or marks, do not wipe the leather with alcohol.

These notes  will guide  you to take care of your leather goods longer, so your goods will serve you longer.